Great Impression Weight Loss Tea

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About product: Da Yin Xiang Weight Reducing' Tea_(Great Impression Weight Reducing' Tea): The tea is made through scientific precision machining. The ingredient of tea is rich in polyphenol and saponins. After testes showed that it has the significant effect on weight lossing and lipid-lowering, can prevent diet-induced obesity on the human and healthy. 


Function: Great Impression Weight Reducing' Tea has the function of reducing weight, hypotensive activity and preventing acquired simple obesity in human body.


Ingredients: Tea, Gynostemma, ormer, fructus momordicae, senna, honeysuckle, etc.
saponin≥40%,tea polyphenol ≥30%.


Package: 1.4g ×20bag


Usage: Take one bag a time one day before sleeping at the first week, with 170ml boiling water for 5-10 minutes. And then take two bags one day at morning and evening. 45 day is a weight lossing period.


Attention:Unsuitable for children.


Valid: 18 months

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